Friday, 16 June 2017

8 Tips To Save On Shipping

When you go out to ship items in a box to another location, the size and the weight of the box can dictate how much it would cost to ship out the item. Having your own eCommerce site means having to ship very often to different locations. There are several things you can do to reduce the shipping price or remove it altogether.

Use Different Carriers For Different Orders

Always choose the best carrier for each order individually. Different carriers will offer different rates based on the dimensions, destination, and even the weight. FedEx and UPS charge residential fees while USPS does not. This eventually adds up when you think about it.

Using Freight

If your order is large enough, you could use Freight to ship out. You can also let your customer know that their items may arrive at different times from separate freight trucks. This option saves a lot of money with no shipping costs.

Reuse your Packaging

It can be expensive to buy new boxes or bubble paper when you need to. You can always reuse the bubble paper, cheap moving boxes, and the packing peanuts. You can even ask your friends and family to give you all the boxes and the trash inside that they receive in the mail. You can always reuse these items for your own orders.

Buy A Label Printer

Purchasing a label printer can help save money from needing to buy expensive packaging slips used for the package. You could use Shopify shipping, which is one of the features on the platform that let's you print out labels from supported carriers. You can save anywhere from $1-$15 for items shipped nationally and internationally.


Shipwire is a service online that you can connect to. It can be connected seamlessly into your online cart system. It instantly and automatically determines based on every order made which carrier is best to use and will save you the most amount of money. It does this right before the item is shipped, makes the decision, and it ships the product. Talk about a seamless process and an easy way to get those orders shipped.

Package Your Product Efficiently

Get those cheap moving boxes that fit your items just right. No need to have a ton of space. Get the right size for your items. The less it has inside the less it will cost to ship the product out. Try to use light and airy material in your boxes.

Aside from using USPS or a specific carrier that you feel fits your business, consider using They provide additional delivery confirmation and tracking numbers at no additional cost to you. They will provide you with a FREE scale as well to help weigh out your items.

Outsource Your Shipping

The last tip to consider is to outsource your shipping in the end using services like Amazon FBA. You wouldn't need to package the products yourself. They will handle all of it for you with reliable delivery for satisfied customers. It may cost more but it's definitely worth it.

Saving on shipping is all about efficiently crafting your orders and knowing which carrier to use for the items you ship out. The tips above will help you save plenty of cash when you get tat eCommerce business flowing.

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